Patterns in home decor have been popular among homemakers for many years now, although it has mainly been seen in upholstery and rugs. However, using patterned Roman blinds over plain ones is extremely eye-catching and will bring strong visual energy into even the most dreary and stuffy rooms.

The pattern you choose should depend on the look you want to create and also the existing furnishings in your room. If you already own various patterned items such as patterned wallpaper, a carpet or cushions, adding patterned Roman blinds made make the room appear too “busy”. In this scenario opting for plain Roman blinds could well be a better option, or choose one of our more subtly patterned materials.

If you have a somewhat plain décor then patterned Roman blinds are the optimal solution to give your room a wide-awake look and bring it to life.

We can offer you dozens of different patterns for your Roman blinds ranging from soft floral patterns to bold geometric shapes. Our patterned Roman blinds also come in a wide range of fabrics and price ranges to suit all tastes.

Contact us today if you are not sure about introducing patterned Roman blinds into the design of your room. Our in-house home designers will be happy to assist you in making the right choice.