Are wood effect Venetian blinds just a more economical variation of the real thing?

When in the market for an alternative to classic curtains, it is no surprise that natural wood shades are the first choice of investment for a multitude of people. Timber Venetian blinds are durable and they give an intimate and comfortable appearance to any living space. On top of that they are manufactured from heavy-duty components that are certain to last.

While lightweight aluminum and PVC window blinds are absolutely ideal for some areas like the kitchen, when you wish to create a comfortable vibe, wood Venetian window blinds are a much more fitting choice for a discreet and intimate feeling.  However, in some scenarios wood Venetian shades are not the best option. In order for real wooden shades to work well, the window frames have to be of a certain dimension, and the window pane recess has to be sufficiently strong to support the wood blinds which can be fairly heavy.

Original wood Venetian windows blinds are also the most costly type of Venetian blind currently available, so if you are on a tight budget you may find them pricey.

When restricted by a budget, or if you are looking for shades for smaller sized windows, rather than investing in wooden blinds, a much more favorable choice would be to go for wood effect Venetian shades. Just like natural wooden shades, these grant your space with a comfortable and charming environment; enable you regulation over the amount of light in the living space, and at the same time total seclusion when you want it.

Wood effect window blinds even have several beneficial properties over the real thing.

Wood effect window blinds are surprisingly effortless to keep clean; all you have to do is wipe the panels with a moist washcloth or a Venetian blind duster.

Unlike natural wooden window blinds, if your wood effect Venetian shades are too large for the windowpane you can easily trim them to total size with a Venetian blind cutter.

As well as being a fraction of the cost of genuine wooden blinds, when opting for wood effect blinds you do not have the problem that your blinds may vary in shade or colour, which can happen when ordering original timber window blinds.