Coverings to Block the Sunlight and Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Find window treatment options for your bedroom that keep the room dark but attractive to the eye.

Bedroom curtains should be both functional and good-looking. Specially sized or placed windows will probably require custom-fit curtains and maybe an interior decorator’s guidance to get the right look. But for most people, even regular rectangular windows present a designing challenge. Here are some basic curtains types with positive and negative attributes. Maybe you can find the style that best suits your needs.

Wooden Blinds

  • Positives: Wood blinds give you tight control over how much light gets in the room. You can put the blinds completely down and pivot them closed, or you can turn the slats open to different degrees. Or put the blinds completely up to let in the sun. They have a clean and masculine look.
  • Negatives: Wood blinds alone are can be cold-looking and may need to be given a softer look with the addition of a valance at the top. Wood blinds are not easy to clean, with each slat requiring dusting. They can also be bulky and more expensive than other types of covering to buy. For prices, see Diamond Window Shutters.

Wood Shutters (Plantation Shutters)

  • Positives: They look beautiful and give a romantic, feminine feeling yet still incorporate wood, typically a masculine element. You can control the light by raising or lowering the slat and can swing the shutters aside to let all the light in.
  • Negatives: You need a wall on each side of the window with enough blank space to allow the shutters to swing open, or they will project into the room. You can’t add a valance to the top or it will get hit or caught as you swing open the shutter. They can be expensive.

Room Darkening Blinds

  • Positives: These blinds can make the room dark in the middle of the day, which is great for shift workers or children who nap in the middle of the day. Also good for children who go to bed before the sun sets or want to get up as soon as it gets light out. They can be made without cords that can be a strangulation hazard for children. They can be custom-made to fit any width window.
  • Negatives: Room darkening blinds have no in-between. There are no slats to allow some sun to peek through. They are monochromatic, so to add pattern and interest, you would need to put a valance on the top portion of the window. They are more expensive than regular blinds.

Roman Shades

  • Positives: Roman shades have a soft and romantic look. Instead of hanging straight down, they droop down in folds. They can come in a variety of fabrics to match any decor.
  • Negatives: Because of their droopiness, they can hang open on the sides and let sunlight in, causing your bedroom to be brighter than you may wish in the mornings.

Traditional Curtains

  • Positives: You can find traditional curtains at any window covering shop. They mount easily onto a curtain rod, which adds decorative element to your room. They come in endless fabric choices. They can be swept closed or pulled open easily. Use a tie-back for a romantic or feminine touch.
  • Negatives: They may need to be custom ordered to get the right length for your window. (Try raising the curtain rod above the window if you need more height.) When not done right, they can look dated.

There are other window covering choices out there; the best way to familiarize yourself with all of them is to visit an online store that carries a vast selection of window coverings, such as Amazon or eBay.