Buying the best, affordable sleep mattress will go a long way in securing a good night’s rest.

Buying the best and most affordable sleep mattress could very well be the first step towards getting a good night’s sleep. With so many different models and styles on the market, consumers can easily find themselves wondering if the mattress they are considering is a good purchase or not.

On average, most sleep mattresses should last for about eight to ten years. Therefore, taking the time to follow a few basic tips on how to choose the right bed is an important task that requires some research and planning.

How to Pick a Good Mattress

Picking the right mattress is a combination of looking for one that both feels good to lie on while maintaining a healthy back. The Mattresstime website outlines three basic criteria to consider when shopping for a new bed:

Comfort: Choose a mattress that feels comfortable. Sleeping can only be as enjoyable as the bed we sleep upon. Ignore advice about what should feel good and choose a bed that does feel good.

Support: The mattress should support the heaviest parts of the body – the shoulders, hips, and lower back. Do not choose one that hurts or strains any of these areas. The spinal column needs to be straight while lying down on the side or flat on one’s back.

Durability: Stay within budget, but look for the best coils, foams, frames, or upholstery money can buy. A mattress is an expensive piece of furniture that should last up to eight to ten years.

Buying a new bed need not be a complicated affair. Using these three simple rules will ensure that the next mattress will provide all the comfort and support needed for many years to come.

The Different Types of Mattresses

There are several types of mattresses in the market, each uniquely designed to give the consumer the most relaxing, blissful sleep experience possible. Mattresses may differ in construction, but try to achieve the same goal: comfort, support, and durability. The different types of mattresses are innerspring, memory foam, latex, air, and waterbeds.

The In-Store Sleep Test

There is only one way to find the right mattress: sleep on it. Consumers should be prepared to try out different models on their own or with their partner. Make sure to wear loose clothing and be prepared to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes on the bed to determine if it provides the right comfort and support. Take this time to consider other mattress accessories such as pillows, blankets and box springs or foundation.

Choosing the Right Foundation for the Bed

What the mattress rests on is as important as the mattress itself. Maximizing comfort, support and durability entails purchasing the complete mattress set. If this is not an option, the store mattress should be tested upon a foundation like the one at home as the feel of the bed can affected by what it is resting upon.

Single and Two-Sided Mattresses

The longevity of a mattress is determined by how well the consumer takes care of it. Two-sided mattresses last longer simply because they can be flipped every six months to prevent early sagging. Single-sided mattresses cannot be flipped and therefore have a shorter lifespan. However, single-sided mattresses are cheaper than two-sided mattresses.

Finding the Right Mattress Store

Knowledgeable, friendly staff will play a vital role in choosing the right mattress. Make sure to choose an outlet with a good reputation and sales record. The salesperson should make the customer feel comfortable testing out different models as well as answer any questions regarding the purchase. The website outlines some inquiries that should be made when looking for a new mattress:

Is there a 60-Day Comfort Exchange? Lying in the bed for 10-15 minutes may not be time enough for some customers to determine if the mattress is a good fit. Ask if there is a comfort exchange policy that allows the customer to exchange the bed after two months of purchase.

Can you Dispose of the Old Mattress? Disposing of the old mattress can be quite a hassle. Make sure the store will remove the old mattress after replacing it with the new one.

Is Delivery Included in the Price? Some stores may not include the delivery in the total cost thereby allowing some customers to save money by transporting the mattress on their own.

Is there a Pro-rated Warranty? A pro-rated warranty is longer, doesn’t cover the full cost of repair or replacement of the item, while a non-pro-rated warranty does. Also keep in mind that the benefits of a pro-rated warranty diminish over time.

A mattress is a big purchase. Customers should expect the best service from the salesperson as well as a reasonable service plan from the outlet.

Buying a Mattress Online

Consider buying a mattress online from reputable mattress companies only. Look for mattress outlets or reputable manufacturers that have earned the public’s trust through decades of quality service. Use the website to learn more about buying a good mattress or simply purchase one from online after having tested it out in a store.

A good night’s sleep is an essential ingredient to a happy, productive life. Sleeping well largely depends on sleeping on a comfortable surface that supports a healthy back. Take the time to make the right purchase and find a bed that will allow for many hours of blissful, pleasurable sleep.