You fancy letting your creative spirit flow and have been toying with the idea of making yourself some stylish shabby chic furniture. But where to start? What to do?

You know what it is. The look you want to achieve. That old, faded, second-hand look. A vintage look often soft white or some other pale pastel in colour. You know what you want to achieve. You just need to know how to achieve it.

Here Are 5 Awesome Tips For Doing Some Shabby Chic Style Decorating:

Sourcing Your Furniture

Finding the right piece of furniture to distress is one of the key elements to creating a nice bit of shabby chic work.

Thanks to the brown furniture market and the plentiful furniture around there is no shortage of suitable pieces which can be morphed into the shabby chic style.

From second-hand stores, to charity shops, auctions, or furniture recycling outlets, there is no shortage of places where you could stumble upon a latent treasure. A treasure that you could walk away with for pennies and turn it into something worth many pounds.

Shabby Chic Painting

The main way to get a shabby chic look is by painting. Advice on technique can vary but generally you completely paint an item in one colour and then paint over it with another so a minimum of two colours are required.

After that you can gently sand the furniture down to create a shabby distressed look. Sanding here is really all about getting the right look and not just about the practical aspects of sanding in smoothing a surface.

Choosing Your Paint

You can get shabby chic paint in most hardware and paint stores that is suitable for getting the finish you want. These tend to be chalk based and come in a wide variety of colours and tones. Typically, the most popular shabby chic colours are pale and pastels. From an antique white to a pale blue the shabby chic colours never seem to be too garish or bright settling more for a more subtle and elegant look.

Get Waxing

When your paint job is finished and dry you can apply a clear or light wax over the top of chalk paints to help seal and protect the finish.

Waxing is only really important if you use a paint that isn’t very durable. A chalk-based won’t last as long as a gloss for example. If that is the case a good waxing would be appropriate. Otherwise it is entirely down to your own discretion. Some coloured waxes can add to the look of a piece created a more aged impression.

A good was will also help protect the furniture helping with its durability.

Additional Equipment

You have your furniture you want to turn into a shabby chic masterpiece. You have your paints, paintbrush, and sandpaper. Do you really need anything else?

Getting a good dustsheet of some sort is always advisable. If you haven’t done it before painting can be messy and sanding very messy. Being able to contain that mess is going to be a blessing when it comes to tidying up.

A good knife or tool that will help you further distress the furniture along with sanding. Even wire wool can be useful in this regard.

Aside from a wax finish you may want a varnish one so investing in a good varnish is advisable also.

The beauty of shabby chic style decorating is that there is no hard and set rule for how a finished piece may look. Just take a look at a shabby chic furniture supplier to get an idea of how varied the looks can be.

There is a general style but each shabby chic piece has its own flaws and imperfections. Its own sense of individuality. A finished shabby chic piece is whatever you want it to be.