A lot can be said about having a beautiful, high-quality, rug adorning the floor of your desired space. It can pull a room together.
But with so many to choose from, of various styles and vintages, from Persian to Modern, it can be hard to recognise what to look out for to make sure you buy the right beautiful, quality rug for you.

This quick guide to buying a rug will help.

3 Ways A Rug Is Made

There are 3 basic rug types. Handmade, Flat Weave and Machine made. Obviously, each method is going to vary in cost and quality and what rug to buy will come down to your wants, needs, and price range.
The most expensive rug ever bought was an antique Persian carpet which sold for almost $34 million dollars at auction in Sotheby’s, New York.


A handmade rug is exactly that. Made by hand. And we all know that usually indicates great quality and uniqueness. Being handmade makes a rug that extra bit special and could even be considered a work of art. A handmade rug is a true connoisseur’s choice. They have the best quality and most expensive price.

Flat Weave

A flat weave rug could be considered the mid-point of the 3 basic types. It involves using a loom to make the rug and doesn’t require the same skills as a pure handmade rug would to be made. At the same time some skill is still required. If you are looking for a balance between quality and budget this type may be your best option.

Machine Made

The title says it all really. These types of rugs will always be the cheapest and lowest quality as they are effectively the mass-produced version of rugs. Quality is not going to be as good as a handmade rug but neither will the price. And realistically, they have their place.
What you’re looking for to put in a child’s bedroom may require different qualities than what you want in your main living space for example.

What to Look Out For

There are a few tell-tale signs of a quality rug. A good rug will lie flat and even on a flat surface. It will have no curling sides and its dimensions will be uniform.

An excellent rug may still have a few little flaws and inconsistencies as can be found in items of a handmade nature but these only add to its character.

The Importance Of Knots

The quality of a rug is decided by the number of knots per square inch. The more knots, the denser the rug, the better the quality.
More knots allow for greater colour variation and detail in the rugs pattern. Knots, similar to the 3 types of rugs, come in 3 main ranges.
Coarse, with about 70-80 per square inch, Medium, with between 100 and 200, and then Fine, which can have upwards of 200 knots per square inch. In exceptional cases you may even find as many as 400.

The Importance Of Fibres

Rugs made from natural fibres are always going to be of a much higher quality than those made from synthetic fibres. Wool is recognised as the best fibre and is very durable while nylon or propylene is typically found in the cheaper, mass-produced, rugs.

Choosing Your Rug

There is a lot to consider when choosing your rug and it can take a discerning mind and eye to know and see what things you need to look out for. It takes skill, practice, and keen observation to be able to recognise all the little indicators of pure quality and craftmanship.

From the knots per square inch, to which imperfections give character or which are just poor-quality mistakes, recognising the best quality rug is as much as an art as making that rug.

Before you can even do that you have to find the perfect rug first. You have to know where it can be sourced from.
Because of all this you really need a long-standing expert to help you source and pick the right one.