One of the questions we are frequently asked is how to clean Venetian blinds. 

Some clients, particularly those who have trouble climbing up ladders are worried that they will not be able to keep their Venetian blinds dust free and clean. Still, most people are quite surprised to find that cleaning Venetian blinds is not the chore they imagined it to be and that Venetian blinds can usually be cleaned in a very short time.

Firstly you will have to decide what category or Venetian blinds come under. Basically there are two types of blinds; wooden or metal. You must determine what type you have as the cleaning methods for each type is different.

Wooden Venetian blinds

To clean wooden Venetian blinds effectively, you can use either dusting, wiping or vacuuming, or a combination of these methods. A regular feather duster will do the trick when dusting, but it is better to use a duster that is specifically designed for Venetian blinds. We can supply you with a Venetian blind duster when you purchase at our store. Using a Venetian blind duster is faster than a regular duster. A Venetian blind duster will clean at least three slats at once, depending on the duster you choose, as opposed to cleaning each slat individually. Extension handles can be used with a duster to reach the top of the blinds and eliminating the need for a ladder.

To wipe wooden Venetian blinds, you will need a damp cloth. Wiping Venetian blinds is probably the most time-consuming method as you will need to do each slat individually. However, if you dust and vacuum your blinds regularly, you should find that wiping them once or twice a year is sufficient.

Vacuuming wooden Venetian blinds is probably the fastest way to clean them, as all you need to do is put the blinds in the shut position and pass the vacuum cleaner over them. You may find you miss a few millimetres where the slats overlap each other. Still, if you occasionally combine vacuuming with one of the other methods, this will soon be corrected.

Metal blinds

PVC and aluminium blinds can be cleaned on an occasional basis by using a deep cleaning strategy. All you need to do is remove the blind from the window, take it into the back garden, or lay it in your bathtub. Using either a house or a showerhead, wash the slats down to remove all dust and dirt. Wipe the excess water off with a towel, and leave the slats hanging to dry for an hour or two before returning them to the window.

Alternatively, aluminum and PVC Venetian blinds can be cleaned with a Venetian blind cleaner spray. This will leave a streak-free finish that repels dust for many weeks after the application.

As you can see, it is not so challenging to clean Venetian blinds and providing you run a duster over them on a weekly or fortnightly basis, you should find you only need to give them a thorough clean once or twice a year.