As each year passes, more choices are made available to us because of the constant improvements and styles in window dressing choices the manufacturers create. We are spoilt when it comes to taking care of decorating this area of our homes. Pretty lacy curtains, elegant drapes or vertical blinds, roller, and Venetian blinds all present a literal smorgasbord of choice for the lovers of interior decor. We can often tie two options together, putting blinds in behind curtains or drapes in order to protect them from substantial sun damage while still colour co-ordinating rooms.

Many office buildings now use Venetian timber blinds as they give the interior an elegant look while providing privacy from the street and protection for staff from the glare of strong sunlight. They are easy to clean, and like the aluminium style can be raised and lowered if wished where privacy is not an issue in order to enjoy the view outside. Many homeowners love them because of their elegance, practicality, and the added insulation it provides for the rooms in the home. Western Red Cedar Venetian blinds have the choice of light, medium, or dark in this range, making it simple to coordinate your colour scheme. Timber Venetian blinds are also well known for their durability.

Aluminium Venetian blinds were the first in the range, and their popularity is such that they are still around today and in high demand. Once only available in cream or white, they boast eleven colour choices to please the discerning buyer, ensuring colour matching our interior rooms is as natural as breathing. Control chords now have breakaway tassels making them a lot safer for use in children’s rooms than the older chords of yesteryear. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve safety, durability, insulating properties, and ease of use, which makes them an ideal choice for our homes.

Our most significant advantage today is that we no longer have to leave our homes to run all over town to find what we are looking for in blinds. We can let our fingers do the walking and order over the phone. Better still for those of us who have computers, you can go online where you have the added advantage of actually seeing the range, reading the information sheets, being able to make online enquiries, and lastly, placing an order. Your blinds will be made to measure, ensuring a custom fit that will look fabulous and will add great appeal to your home.